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The Hard but Right Way

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The Hard but Right Way is a group of songs based on John Bunyan's famous Pilgrim's Progress. 

"The Pilgrim's Progress is my favorite book. I also love the Gary Schmidt's retelling illustrated by Barry Moser; this disc is the perfect companion to it. My children love Winder's songs, and so do I. This disc has cheered and inspired us on our journeys, literal and figurative."

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Growing Up is a collection of original songs relating my own journey of growing up, faith, and relationships.  

"This CD is so full of comfort and truth that we gave it to our pastor for encouragement after the loss of his best friend, our Assistant Pastor.  Our family missed it terribly and so we ended up purchasing a few at one time, so that we will have the CD to give to others as gifts in their time of need AND we will not be without our own"


The Arms of Jesus

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The Arms of Jesus single, written for a  Christmas Production, is a salvation story.  Gazing on the Christ-child one longs for the safety and peace.  A heartfelt prayer is answered and the Spirit moves.  The same arms that stretched out on a tree in sacrifice, reach out and catch the seeking heart.  Have a listen and fall into the arms of Jesus.

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